Our company is motivated by design and passionate about quality, integrity, and dependability. We focus our efforts to create spaces that feel intentional and timeless in the elocution of your brand.

We invest imaginatively in the finished project, envisioned by our client.  When we walk through a vacant space intended to be a restaurant [café, office, retail shop, or private residence], we don’t spend much time thinking about the mechanics of erecting steel stud or finishing drywall; we visualize the completed space - filled with people and good cheer; an imagined group of friends seated at a table, enjoying good food, drink, and conversation.  We consider the sights, sounds, and smells they are experiencing, the value of the light, the comfort of the seat they occupy.  A steadfastness to the vision of the finished experience is what compels us to understand the design (in all of its exploded parts) and to see it materialize.

The nuances that make our spaces successful rely on dependable consultation, proven processes, excellent communication and coordination. Tetherstone’s vertical integration allow us to tailor construction to the needs and vision of our client. Our commitment to ‘total design’ ensures a cohesive and carefully considered finished space; comprised of intelligent layout, limitless material choices, finishes, furnishings, and lighting.